Monday, February 21, 2011

Seed Starts (cont...)

OK.. here I am planting the pepper seeds in a Flat of Start pots. I was amazed at how quick the seeds germinated (4 or 5 days) and how long the little tap roots grew in a day.

I first fill my flat with potting soil, and tamp it so its not too loose. Then with a pencil I poke and twist to make perfect funnel shaped holes. I then pick up the sprout with a toothpick (use whatever works for you). It's best not to pick it up with your fingers because it's so easy to damage the little tender tap root. Place the sprout in the hole root first (heads up) so that the head of the sprout is about 1/4" under the surface. Then just scrape the soil over the sprout to cover and LIGHTLY tamp it firm.

I planted 2 Flats of 36 cells each on Saturday 2/19/11. One Flat was the Large Thai Chile pepper and one Flat of Heirloom Irish Tomatoes.

This morning, Monday 2/21/11, I was pleased to see one of the Irish tomatoes had broke surface. It's ON now!! YAY!!!

Here are some pics.

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