Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Short but Sweet. 8-23-11

Here are a few more Melons picked this week ... Ali Baba and Ledmon Watermelons, along with the ever so delicious Wisconsin Pride muskmelon. The melons have been very successful and a real joy and in the Grateful Garden this year.

Ali Baba & Ledmon watermelons, and Wisconsin Pride muskmelon.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Melons. 8-17-11

We finally had some rain last weekend (8-13) for the first time in many many weeks. My son-in-law Chad Pettit has been in town for a couple days and leaving back to Colorado this evening, so I took the opportunity to pick some melons and let him do the taste test. He was just in time for my first picking of the long anticipated "Wisconsin Pride" muskmelon. It is the best one we ever tasted ... and it has now won it's place in my Family Seed Bank. The pictures are of  melons just picked today (8-17). The two types of watermelons, Ledmon (small round), and Ali Baba (big oblong). The Ledmon that Chad is holding and is cut open is a very small one but we ate that one and another twice the size and they were excellent. I am so happy with the Wisconsin Pride muskmelon. They are very productive, large, and of EXCELLENT eating quality.

The first muskmelon picked, 'Wisconsin Pride', as displayed by my Son-in Law Chad Pettit.

Wisconsin Pride muskmelon, yep it's a dandy and tastes wonderful.

Here are 2 Ali Baba watermelons, 11-lb & 13-lb.

Here Chad is showing one of two Ledmon watermelons we ate, i did take half of that one into G-ma Iris and handed her a spoon, it was a perfect single serve size, it was gone in minuets... LOL. The rind to the bigger one is on the table for comparison of size.

MELON MEDLEY. .......Ledmon & Ali Baba watermelon and Wisconsin Pride muskmelon

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Good Juice Yeild. August 3, 2011

I made juice today form the box of tomatoes pictured in yesterdays post. The ratio of finished juice to the quantity of tomatoes was really quite good. The yield was exactly 9 quarts. The lighting in the picture below is poor but you get the idea. I am also including a picture featured two days ago, of the Irish heirloom tomato, now sliced to show how meaty and the sparse amount of seeds this variety has. it's a wonderful JUICY tomato considering the density of the flesh.

Here is 9 quarts of the wonderful tomato nectar. This is a batch mix from 5 of the 6 varieties.

The Irish Heirloom sliced to show density of flesh and sparseness of seed.
A few minuets later as the juice began to ooze. OK it's just a picture, quit licking the screen.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Quick Post... tomatoes 8-2-11

It is time to start making juice ... the tomatoes are on strong..... we are still in Very Hot Drought weather. Tomatoes go bad quick in these conditions .... NEED RAIN....
OK here is a Picture of the tomatoes I am starting with in the morning. A good mix  for the juice.

Bring on the Juice!!!