Saturday, February 19, 2011

First to Germinate.

As I mentioned earlier... one of the reasons I pre-germinate some seeds, is it allows me to determine seeds of a greater vigor. Well here are a couple pictures that demonstrate this. Over this weekend there will be many more and I will plant these First Germinated in Starter pots and indicate on the pots that they were First to germinate. Then when planting in the garden I will keep track of those plants and keep seed from them in particular. This may seem to some gardeners a bit much, however it is all part of Selective Culturing and improves your particular strain of plant. In these pictures are the Large Thai Pepper seeds. It has only been 5 days since these seeds were placed in the germination bins (very quick for a pepper seed).

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I would also impart that it is very IMPORTANT to keep a Yearly Garden Journal. It should include seed/plant varieties, planting dates, notes over time on how well a strain of plant performed, yield etc, etc, etc... you get the idea. Your Garden Journal will become over time, a valuable tool to your increased success.

Keep it fun... just because it should be..... I have SO much joy sitting with a friend, having a beverage and conversation about the garden, the different plants, the success and failures, inventions & processes. It's a wonderful thing.

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