Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Note about Germination Bins.

I would like to point out, 'Not all seeds need pre-germinating' before planting in stater pots. The seeds I tend to pre-germinate are ones that have a longer gestation period and very hard hauls. Peppers(hot & mild), fruit and berries such as the Pomegranate that I showed in an earlier post, some seeds from the Brassica family and on occasion certain Tomato seeds etc..
Several reasons I like to pre-germinate  my Pepper seeds: it eliminates the need to plant 2 or more seeds per cell in a 'flat of stater cups, a practice that used to insure that all cells have at least one start. Also, I can visually determine seeds of a "greater vigor" as they sprout. I also seem to have a greater 'per seed success'.

Most seeds DO NOT need pre-germinating before planting in starter pots. However, an 'over-night soaking' in water is beneficial to most ALL seeds before planting in starter pots or Direct Sowing in the garden.

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