Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Seed List

I am working on my seed list to post ... so in the mean time I will post some pics of a current experiment with Pomegranate seed that I germinated, and plated in (large) homemade starter cups this weekending 2/12/11. The Starter Cups are made by cutting in half, 2 liter plastic bottles, and inverting the tops into the bottom. There is also a water wick made from an old sock placed in the funnel of the inverted top that wicks water from the bottom reservoir.

Bare in mind that these seeds are from Pomegranates that I purchased at the grocery store around Christmas and are not expected to be plated outside, or bare fruit. As it is, they do NOT represent our planting Zone (zone 6). They will be planted in a large pot and brought in during winter as an attractive shrub house plant.

For a larger view click images, use 'back' button to return to normal size.

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