Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Quick Update

Well it has been raining for a couple weeks now so very little has been accomplished ... my tomatoes, hot peppers, and Cuc's need to be put in the ground. I only have a few pictures to share because there has not been a fit time to cultivate .... My garlics are doing GREAT ... and I did get time to dig, divide and replant my Comfery plants. Just for the info...  Comfery is the single best organic fertalizer plant available. It is a perennial that thrives on being cut. The leafs are then used in various ways; ... as a compost enhancer and vitalizer, as an organic mulch directly under plants ... or as a compost Tea to be used as a liquid fertalizer on your plants.  >CATION< :  as a liquid, the pure Tea is VERY POTENT and a diluted mixture should be prepared using 12 -15 parts Water to 1 part Tea. To make the pure Tea, just cut all the leafs at ground level and pile in a bucket, place a piece of wood and a brick on top to keep it weighted down.In several days the leafs will decompose to a thick black Tea. Dilute as discribed and use immediatly. You will be pleasently surprized with it's affect on the health and vigor of your plants.

Don't worry about cutting all the leafs off at ground level ... they will swiftly grow back thicker and more robust each time, this stimulates the comfery plant to bulk its' root system and start new shoots. This is what you want so you can dig the whole plant, break and seperate the shoots and roots to propagte more plants. In one of the pictures below I show a bunch of newly seperated plant starts that were just replanted.

Ok now the few pic that I have.

Comfery starts (dug seperated and replanted)



Garlic (look at the size of those stalks and it's early)

Garlic (just another pic of the same patch)

Radish (German Giant)
 Ok ... Allot more when the RAIN quits so I can get in there and GET BUSY.
Till then...... Go Play in the dirt (mud) it's fun...........

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