Monday, May 2, 2011

Mound Row Gardening

Here are some pictures of how I am converting ALL of my existing and new gardening area to Mounded Rows. This method, once built, eliminates the need to till the garden virtually forever! It maximizes root formation, increases nutrient fertility of the soil, retains moisture and is weed retardant. Planting is easy by pulling back the straw only at the spot your placing a plant, like wise if your direct planting seeds expose only the soil that is to be planted and when your seeds sprout pull the straw back in place. At the end of the season, place all your cut plant matter etc., and a if you want a layer of compost and a new layer of straw. Cover the row for the winter with a synthetic (plastic film) mulch or old carpet. the microcosm that is created with  the covering through the winter will swiftly break down the lower older layers making a rich self composting action. This is a wonder method to create a low maintenance, very fertile, no till solution to gardening. and remember the introduction of Red Worms is a super way to get that composting action going and sustained. The red worms will live in the bottom of the top layering and will continually be converting old plant matter into fertilizer. Also, if you grow Comfery, your end of the year cutting should be spread over the row with the other plant matter before covering ......

Oh... the Mound Rows are 3 feet wide and about 18 inches high.

Well enough for now .... "Go play in the dirt, it's fun".......

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