Wednesday, April 6, 2011

short update

well.. I have been too busy with the garden to post anything new ... I have many tomato plants and hot peppers (2 types) in various stages of growth .. my Strawberry bed is complete and planted ... Basil is started ... etc... etc.. I will post pics soon (sorry just too busy right now) ... there has been some changes to the Master Seed List .... Baker Creek Seeds were out of stock on several melons I listed and thus were eliminated from the list... I instead, picked up an additional Watermelon and some Brussel Sprouts and a wonderful large Late Cabbage of the dutch variety ..... I will list the correct names of it all soon ....  I have been cutting trees, cleaning ... and breaking ground ... not enough time to keep up here on the blog ... so please be patient.

In the mean time .... "Go Play in the Dirt it's Fun".

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