Monday, July 25, 2011

A Quicky Follow-up To Yesterdays Post

Hi again... finally some rain and a cloudy day that followed... really brought the vigor back to the Patch. Here are some pictures of this mornings harvest. Gita Beans, Italian Heirloom Tomatoes, Large Red Cherry Tomatoes and some Mexican Sour Gherkin cucumbers. The little Mexican Gherkins are a favorite with Grace and the kids. Now don't forget to check out yesterdays Post too if you haven't already.

Gita Beans an exceptionally sweet Asian green bean.

Gita beans, I picked a large tomato shipping box full this morning. HEY.. keep your eyes on the BEANS and not that handsome guy..... oh ...

This is what the hard work is all about.

Large Red Cherry Tomatoes & Mexican Sour Gherkins.

A perspective of the size of the tiny gherkins.

Italian Heirloom tomatoes, True Lemon cucumbers and common Basil.
G-ma Iris with a colander of Italian Heirloom tomatoes, True Lemon cucumbers, and Basil.

My Mom, Iris.

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