Sunday, July 31, 2011

First Watermelons and more. July 31, 2011

Well, I am so happy with my first harvest of watermelon, there are still some on the vines ripening.  These are the Heirloom from Iraq, "Ali Baba". I cut one of the smaller ones and it was delicious ... and g-ma Iris really loved em, saying, "I just can't believe you grew these out there, .... wonderful!".
Here is a picture:

Ali Baba - an heirloom from Iraq. The one I am holding is 14.8 pounds and the longer one is 12.2. I just love the look CoCo has in this picture.

Also here is a picture of the first Irish Heirloom tomato also picked today  ... Dandy!

Irish Heirloom. A huge "block of a tomato". This is just the average size.

My daughter Grace (on right) and her friend Harley, not really sure what is on display here, the Irish tomato, or the lasses, which ever,..... they're all DANDIES!!!

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