Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Speed of Vendors Shipments.

Well so far I have ordered from Territorial Seed Co., Seed Savers Exchange, and Gurney's. My orders were placed on 3/16/11. The Territorial Seed Co. is by far the Fastest turn-around from "order to shipping" of the three, they shipped my order (3/18/11) within two days  of ordering ... Seed Savers Exchange and Gurney's shipped today 03/22/11 nearly a full week after ordering. I must consider though this is a very busy time of year for all seed companies... however it is worth noting the speed of shipment by the Territorial Seed Co., they also had my order sealed in a quality water proof package like I would expect.

I still have to order from Johnny's Selected Seeds, BakerCreek Heirloom Seeds, and Pinetree Gardens. Just waiting for the funds to roll in to do so.....

Something that is not on the Master List that I added to my Gurney's order was, the Honeoye Strawberrry plants. I got a great deal on a catalog wide sale they were having in which they usually run 25 plants for $10, and on sale for $3, so I ordered $9 (75 plants) worth... that should be at least a start.

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