Monday, October 22, 2012

Autumn Specials 10-22-12

Well the Garlic planting is on hold now for a few days due to rain. However, thus far there has been 1967 garlic planted, all the Wild River (1715),  and a little a under half of the Bavarian Purple (252). In the last video post I incorrectly stated that this year the Bavarian Purple would be in full commercial production, that will NOT happen until the 2013 planting season! BUT, the MUSIC is NOW in full commercial production. Whew, now with that said lets move on.. LOL.

OK here a few pictures of a wonderful mustard that I harvested just before the rain hit this morning. It's an heirloom from Japan. Very distinctive full flavored mustard leaf that is only mildly pungent. It is also strikingly beautiful. It's named Japanese Large Red Leaf Mustard. Like all Brassica it grows best and has the richest flavor in cool temperatures, very early spring and mid to late autumn. This is the full size variety of the same dwarf version I grew last year. The leafs on this full size variety are harvested at 12-20 inches. WOW, what a great mustard!!!

Japanese Large Red Leaf Mustard 10-22-12. The leafs in this picture range from 12-20 inches.

Now in this next picture are a couple of Kohlrabi that I just harvested last weekend. The name of this Variety is 'Superschmelz' and is the ONLY Open Pollinated variety that can be allowed to grow to these very large sizes without becoming woody or pithy. I have grown this variety now for 3 years and I am TOTALLY happy with it.

'Superschmelz' Kohlrabi 10-20-12. And for the record, that's the ONLY Man Boobs I find acceptable... LOL 

Well that's it for this post, and remember "Go Play in the Dirt, it's FUN!

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