Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Good Juice Yeild. August 3, 2011

I made juice today form the box of tomatoes pictured in yesterdays post. The ratio of finished juice to the quantity of tomatoes was really quite good. The yield was exactly 9 quarts. The lighting in the picture below is poor but you get the idea. I am also including a picture featured two days ago, of the Irish heirloom tomato, now sliced to show how meaty and the sparse amount of seeds this variety has. it's a wonderful JUICY tomato considering the density of the flesh.

Here is 9 quarts of the wonderful tomato nectar. This is a batch mix from 5 of the 6 varieties.

The Irish Heirloom sliced to show density of flesh and sparseness of seed.
A few minuets later as the juice began to ooze. OK it's just a picture, quit licking the screen.

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